YouTube Shorts and the upcoming monetization features

YouTube has also started revealing how creators can make money through the new service

What are YouTube Shorts?YouTube Shorts, a stories-like vertical video format that allows users to create clips of 15-seconds or less, is coming to the USA next month. Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer at YouTube made the announcement via a blog post.

The exponential rise of TikTok had many tech giants itching to get a piece of this emerging market. As a result, many of them have included – or plan on including – some form of short video creation on their respective platforms. YouTube was one of the companies that first started developing its short-form video experience to compete with the high-flying TikTok. 

The first beta version of Shorts was launched in September 2020 in India.YouTube says the number of Indian channels using Shorts creation tools has more than tripled since December.

One of the monetization features is called Applause. Buyers will be able to purchase a clapping animation that will be shown on top of the video. A certain percentage of the purchase will be awarded to the video creator. This feature is almost identical to Super Chat. Mohan did not explain when exactly creators will be able to access this feature, just that it would happen later this year

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