whatsapp tips and tricks you must know

whatsapp tips and tricks hey have you purchased new phone and youdont’t know how to transfer the mobile apps like whatsapp data from old mobile to new mobile so get ready we have got some new tips for you look in to this now.

before switching to new phone it is important backup ur WhatsApp so you can easily acces chats,media,files from new phone through a gool drive backup or loacal drive backup before doing this in your new phone you must register with gmail account which is used previously in old is how to backup chats and media files

how to up backup whatsapp data

before swithching to new phone you have to ensure that your chats and media files are fully backed up to date

opean your whatsapp application on your new device first

go to more options by clicking on three verticals dot of right side above corner of whatsapp application

click on option settings then chats

you will find the chat backup option you need to choose the google account which is used on old mobile which is used for chat backup though also create a local backup on your whatsapp up device which is whatsapp does daily weekly or monthly

once you complete the backup you can uninstall the whatsapp from your device

how to transfer whatsapp chats using google drive

first login with gamil account to your new device opean whatsapp and enter the mobile numbear your device auto verified with otp now it shows the backup option click on gmail account which is used for backup from google drive now it takes few minutes to ready your backup with your whatsapp chats. now your whatsapp ready use with old chats without losing single data

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