There are many such facts that you may not know about mosquitoes.

1. Only female mosquitoes bite; Male mosquitoes stay away on plants quite comfortably.

2. Human blood helps them in reproduction. It contains the protein that the female mosquito needs to develop eggs.


3. There are a whopping 110 trillion mosquitoes in the world, spread over 3000 species.


4. Mosquitoes recognize us by the temperature and smell we emit.


5. They do not see us, but recognize us by the infra-red radiation emanating from our hot bodies.

Infra-red radiation

6. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and lactic acid.


7. Mosquitoes can drink a lot of blood; About 3 times their weight.


8. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide – which you keep exhaling.

  Carbon dioxide