Withdraw money from SBI ATM without debit card

 If you want to withdraw cash from ATM and you do not have debit card or ATM then there is no need to worry.

 For this you must have YONO App.

You can withdraw money from SBI ATM without a card by staying in any corner of the country.

 Download YONO App on your phone and login.

Go to the home page and select the option of YONO Cash.

 Now, by clicking on the ATM section, fill in the amount you want to withdraw.

 Now you have to create a 6 digit PIN in it.

This PIN will come on your YONO Cash transaction number.

 Now click on the option of YONO Cash at ATM.

 After completing this process, you will have to enter a 6 digit PIN.

 You will get the cash as soon as the process is completed.