when Virat Kohli got angry on the umpire

Virat Kohli is one of the best players in the world.He has many big achievements to his name.

 best player

Currently Virat is playing IPL.He is a part of RCB team Before the start of this season, Virat had left the captaincy of RCB.

Not only does Virat argue with the opposition players, but Virat has also been seen firing on the umpire many times.

fire on umpire

Virat's anger showed once again in IPL 2022.His anger was shown when the third umpire declared him out.This match was being played between MI and RCB.

Third umpire's decision

The matter of dismissing Virat is of the 19th over.Dewald Brevis came to bowl this over and he trapped Virat in front of the wicket on the very first ball.

wicket on the first ball

With great appeal, the Mumbai fielders appealed to the umpire for out and the umpire also declared him out.

 strong appeal

After the decision of the umpire, Kohli immediately took a review, as he knew that the ball had hit the bat before his pad.

 Kohli took review

When the third umpire checked at the ultra edge, he found that the ball was hitting the bat and pad simultaneously, due to which he decided to go with the umpire's decision.


After this he called Kohli out LBW.Returning to the pavilion, Virat threw his bat hard on the ground.

slam bat

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