Six new features for voice messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has introduced six new features for voice messages.  The company has revealed that it is bringing these features to make it easier to send voicemails to others.

Out of chat playback ..                       The company has introduced a new feature called Out of Chat Playback to make it easier for users to listen to voice messages without having to open WhatsApp.  It is now possible to listen to voice messages while sending simple messages and videos to anyone.

Pause and resume recording.                       Hold down the recording button on WhatsApp and send a voice message.  Now WhatsApp has brought the facility to pause and resume the newly sent voice message.  With this feature we can stop voice recording and re-record it whenever we want.

Wave form visualization ..                       WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Wave Form Visualization to show the voice message sounds we send in a visual format.  It helps users to follow voice recording.

A feature called Draft Preview works to hear voice messages before we send them to others.

Remember ‌ Playback ..                       If you do any work while listening to the voice message, pause the message and play it again, you will hear it again from the beginning.  Play, pause, and re-play the audio message with the Remember playback feature, and the audio will play back to where it left off.

Fast playback on forward message                       WhatsApp has made it possible for us to hear the voice messages we send in normal as well as fast playback.  Listen to voice notes at 1.5x and 2x speeds.  This feature also works on regular and forwarded voice messages.