What happened to Saipallavi? What's her next movie?

Her Acting and dancing created  seprate craze for herself.

She has as much craze as heroes. That is why at a recent function, Sukumar praised Saipallavias Lady Powerstar.

There is not a single film in the hands of such a popular Saipalli at present.

Saipalvi impressed in the role of Devdasi in the recently released Shyamsingh Roy movie.

After that movie, adavallu meeku joharlu movie pre-release event.

Saipallavi have not been seen anywhere since that function.

The lack of updates on movies has now become a topic of discussion.

Fans want  hear to know why their favorite heroine has suddenly gone missing.

Where is Saipallavi? .. Fans are waiting to know what is her next movie.

Fans who are looking to know about the latest updates should see if Saipallavi gives any clarity.