Urfi did not get the match, clippings tied in the feet.

Urfi Javed has appeared with a new stylish outfit.

 Stylish Outfit

 In the cross from the front, long stripes are attached to the dress of Urfi. Both the hands are having crop style bell sleeves.

Crop Style Bell Sleeves

The skirt is made with these in frill style, in which two layers are attached.

   Frill Style

This dress of light purple powder color is looking quite strange.

 Purple Colour Dress

 To complete the look, Urfi Javed has tied knee-length clippings with pencil heels.

  Pencil Heels

The hair is tied in a bun and the fringes are taken out in the side parting.

  Bun Hairstyle

 She is wearing only purple color hoops. This dress of Urfi is backless.