KGF is a story written with blood, it will not grow with ink... If you want to move forward, you will ask for blood again.

Violence...Violence...Violence, I don't like it....I avoid but...Violence likes me...I can't avoid

 Gravitational power is of two types... in Newton's gravity the apple falls down and in Rocky's gravity the people go up....

 Brother has come from merit.. give a little respect to Apun too, brother.. your father people did everything right but made a mistake.. created you all on my time.. I will continue to rule, you Keep mowing the grass...

 With whom do you join hands in life, it is important..

 Remember one thing... after today this territory is mine, this territory is yours, the world is my territory..

 There is no friend worthy of my friendship, no such sword can withstand my enmity.

 Some people want to live a hundred years as a slave... But some people want to live like a sultan if they live one day. But as long as he is alive in this world, the one who fulfills my wish will live as a sultan...

 If it is not done by my father, then my father's oath will not happen to anyone.

They say, spread your legs as much as you have sheets. Make the sheet bigger.