If you want to sharpen the knife, then do this work

 Without a knife, it becomes difficult to peel and cut vegetables.

 If the knife is not sharp, we throw it away.

Vegetables are not cut well with a knife without sharp edges.

 Monalisa is wearing a pink color crop top and paired it with denim jeans.

 In such a situation, instead of throwing a knife, you can sharpen its edge at home.

Let's know how to sharpen the knife edge at home.

First of all, put the knife in a mixture of hot water and salt and clean it well.

 Using sandpaper, you can sharpen the knife edge.

First of all holding a knife in one hand.

After this, put a few drops of water on the edge of the knife with the other hand.

After adding a drop of water, rub the edge with sandpaper.

 Do this process from both the sides for about 5 minutes.

After sharpening the edge with sandpaper, keep the knife in the sun for some time.

Apart from this, if you want, you can sharpen the edge by rubbing a knife on a smooth stone.