deal rude partner like this

 Conflicts are normal in a relationship, but never let a fight drag on for too long. This worsens the relationship instead of improving it.

 Usually, there is often an argument between the couple about something or the other and then they get angry with each other, but then how to solve it, it does not come.

Today we are going to tell you some tips to persuade your angry partner, with which you can also convince your partner, so let's know-

 First of all remember that ego should not come in the relationship. This ruins a good relationship. Therefore, if there is a quarrel with the partner, then there is no harm in taking the initiative.

If there is an argument, instead of going far, think of coming closer. Express more love than before, such as by bringing flowers or by bringing a bouquet. This may solve the problem.

If there is a quarrel with the partner, then put the anger aside and embrace it. This will melt them in no time and their anger will subside.

 If your partner is upset about something, then make a dish of their choice for them. This will also cool his anger and he will start smiling again.

To convince the angry partner, you can send them loving messages or give them a card. This will cool their anger and they will be back as before.

 If your partner is also angry with you, then you can give them their favorite chocolate. You can also send a romantic message.

 Everyone likes a gift, whether it is a boy or a girl. If your partner is angry with you, then you can give them a surprise gift.

Don't give too much space after a fight, it can lead to misunderstandings. So plan to go out together at such a time and spend time together.

 While quarreling, one should avoid giving an angry answer because the thing said in anger is more stinging. Do not change your behavior after a quarrel.

 If you also want to convince your partner, then you can convince them by trying these mentioned methods.