Tips: Clean the dirt of the exhaust fan like this

 The exhaust fan also helps in maintaining ventilation along with removing smoke from the kitchen.

 If your exhaust fan is running slowly due to dust, then it is very important to clean it on time.

Cleaning the exhaust is a bit difficult, but by following these tips, you can shine the exhaust easily.

 Always switch off the exhaust fan before cleaning.

To clean the blades of the exhaust fan, first you take baking soda in 1 cup.

 Now put water in a vessel and heat it on the gas. When the water becomes hot, add baking soda to it and make a solution.

Now remove the blade of the exhaust fan and leave it immersed in the liquid.

After a while scrub it slowly. In no time the grime will come out from your blade.

Clean the dirt with a cloth or with a knife.