This IPL player's wife had 8 affairs

 There are many such domestic and foreign players in IPL 2022, whose wives remain in the limelight and they have a deep connection with controversies.

The wife of IPL 2022 player David Warner is one of them. Warner's wife is Candice, who is always in the headlines.

 There have been many twists and turns in their love story. The two met on the sets of the TV show Nanda Gokula.

 Candice was a famous model and was often in the media headlines due to her personal life. Candice is also very active on social media.

According to media reports, Candice had an affair with 8 people before marrying Warner. Of these, 7 were players.

 According to reports, Wrigley League footballer Bareth Anasta was her first boyfriend. After Bareth, her name was linked to professional rugby union player Matt Heinzak.

Apart from this, there were also reports of affair between Candice and Brazilian footballer Matthew Poole Anderson during her modeling days.

 Candice's affair with many players including David Carney, tennis player Marcos was in the church. She was also associated with British comedian David Williams.

 Apart from being a supermodel, Candice has also been an Australian surfing champion. Apart from this, she has also been seen doing commentary.

 David-Candice got married in the year 2015, although by then Candice had become the mother of David's child. Now he has three daughters, who are very popular.