These are the cheapest cities in the world

 There are many cities in the world where you can visit even on a low budget.

Tashkent is a major city on the Silk Road where you will find ancient buildings all around

The second number in the list of cheap cities is Libya's capital Tripoli and it is near the Mediterranean Sea, so you can enjoy the beautiful coast present here.

It is the capital of Syria and it is one of the oldest cities in the world, as well as it is also one of the cheapest cities in the world, here you can see many ancient buildings.

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Tunis is the capital of Tunisia and you can enjoy here at a very cheap price.

In Ahmedabad, you can see many artifacts related to Mahatma Gandhi in Sabarmati Ashram, this place is cheap as well as interesting.

This is the former capital of Kazakhstan and the best destination to visit, here you can see the view of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains

Algiers is the capital of Algeria, the largest country on the African continent, this city boasts beautiful architecture and history.

 Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, where the Teatro Colón is quite famous, which is one of the most important opera and ballet theaters in the world.

 If you are also planning to visit then definitely go here

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