These 6 Yogasanas are the secret of Malaika Arora's fitness

 This asana is beneficial to make your backbone strong and flexible. By doing this, the stiffness of the back gets cured and the digestion system remains healthy.

 This asana is done to bring balance in your body. In this you have to stand on one leg and balance the body.

This pose tones up your liver and spleen. It helps in improving the digestion system. This asana stretches the muscles of the hips and waist and reduces the risk of injury.

This asana is also known to make the backbone flexible and correct the nervous system. Constipation and many stomach related diseases are removed by this mudra.

 Cobra Pose improves blood circulation and strengthens the backbone, chest, shoulders and lungs. This asana is beneficial for people suffering from thyroid and PCOD.

 On the work front, Malaika is seen judging reality shows.