Here's The Secret Of Toned Body Of Bollywood Celebs

 To gain and maintain muscles, they eat a lot and keep the amount of calories high. Healthy diet along with gym also keeps his body toned.

Katrina's food is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. They believe that by doing this your skin keeps glowing and you remain healthy.

Vicky consumes about 3500 kcal in a day. In which 30% fat, 25% protein and 40-50% carbohydrate..

 Actors never leave their gym. He follows the diet prescribed by the nutritionist. Pod Supply prepares food for them.

 The actress eats homemade vegetarian food and intermittent fasting is in her routine.

Earlier he was vegetarian but now he has become Vegan. He was successful in getting a toned body due to exercise and vegan food.

AkshayKumar eats healthy and homemade vegetarian food. Their Nutrition Requirements are fulfilled by Pod Supply.

 Actors keep eating something or the other in a day or two at an interval of two hours. He doesn't eat carbs.