Heropanti 2 actress Tara Sutaria's fitness and diet secrets

The actress does not like weight lifting, so she prefers to dance and do Pilates. Tara does not go to the gym, she does dance and Pilates at home.

Ballet, Barre or Pilates is most important for Tara. She definitely includes it in her fitness routine.

 Tara opts for brisk running and jogging. When she is on the shoot, she is seen stretching on the hills and jogging in beautiful places.

 Tara believes that doing Pilates strengthens the core. She likes to keep Pilates sessions in her training.

 The actress starts her morning with yoga and meditation. They believe that by doing this both the mind and body remain healthy.

 Tara loves fast food. That's why whenever Cheat Day happens, she doesn't leave it.

The 26-year-old actress likes to have bread toast, egg white, cornflakes, a bowl of poha and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar for breakfast.

Tara eats lentils, roti, salad, curd and vegetables for lunch.