Take makeup tips from Shruti Haasan

– Image Credit : istock

 You can also do makeup like Shruti for any pre-wedding function. Do not forget to apply dark lipstick like her.

 Here Shruti has highlighted the nose and cheek bones. This look of her is perfect for any event or party.

You can also look beautiful by applying dark shade lipstick like Shruti with any look.

This makeup look of Shruti is amazing. She has applied mascara on the eyelashes with light shade eyeshadow. You can do this too.

 Shruti has kept her makeup simple with a thick layer of eyeliner. Her pink shade lips are adding to her look.

 This makeup look of Shruti with dark shade lips, highlight nose is perfect for a party. It has to be tried once.

 Light pink eyeshadow with face powder is matching with Shruti's look. This type of makeup is perfect for any light occasion.