Special beauty secrets of Sushmita Sen

Actress Sushmita Sen is as simple as she is stylish. Sush always surprises people with her looks and fashion.

Sushmita Sen is 46 years old but no one can guess her exact age. The actress takes special care of her skin and hair.

 Often after 30, wrinkles and hair start getting dry on the face of women. But Sushmita Sen knows how to take care of herself very well.

 We are going to tell you what is the secret of Sushmita Sen's glowing skin and healthy hair. Which you can also follow at home.

Sushmita Sen does scrubbing every day to maintain the glow on her skin. After this, she applies milk moisturizer on her face.

 Sushmita Sen relies more on homemade face packs. The actress prepares a pack by mixing cream-gram flour and applies it on the face.

Wherever Sushmita Sen goes, she does a lot of light makeup. Heavy makeup causes wrinkles on the skin. Do remove makeup at night.

Sushmita has kept a short hair look these days. She does not use much heat treatment on her hair and shampoos twice a week.

The actress definitely applies oil to the hair 1-2 times a week. Along with this, she also gives massage to her hair. This strengthens the hair and makes them thick.

Sushmita Sen also takes special care of her diet for healthy hair and skin. The actress drinks fruit juices to maintain the glow on the skin.