Sonakshi Sinha got engaged, who chose Humsafar?

 Actress Sonakshi Sinha has got engaged, but her engagement has become a suspense.

 Along with giving the news of engagement, Sonakshi has confused the fans.

 Sonakshi has shared pictures with the engagement ring, but the groom's face is nowhere to be seen.

In the picture, Sonakshi is seen flaunting her engagement ring.

 In a picture, Sonakshi is also placing a hand on the shoulder of a boy, but the face is hidden.

Fans are guessing that this boy is none other than Sonakshi's rumored boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal.

Sonakshi and Zaheer have been spotted together in the past as well.

Although Sonakshi has so far been telling Zaheer as her friend.

 Earlier, while sharing a photo with Zaheer on his birthday, Sonakshi told him as her best friend.