Skin care tips for summer tour

The skin is the first to be affected by the heat of the sun. That is why it is important for those who go on tours in the summer to take care not to damage the skin.

Juices and beverages should be consumed as much as possible.

 Two or three sunscreen lotions are a must during summer tours. Apply lotion frequently to your children as well.

When staying in hotels or homestays, it is best not to use soaps, shampoos and towels provided by hoteliers. It is better to use your own products instead.

 Carry a hair spray along to prevent hair from drying out during travel. The hair is kept fresh by occasionally spraying it on the scalp.

It is important to maintain eye health during summer trips. The eyes get tired quickly in the heat of the sun. That is why it is better to use sunglasses to avoid looking directly at the sunlight.

Lip smacking is natural on trips. Always carry lip balm along to prevent this from happening.

 Eyes get tired very quickly on summer trips. So carry along an OI mask. Wearing this will relax the eyes while traveling.