Shruti Haasan is now again busy with movies and web series.

 Shruti Haasan.. Initially known to everyone as Kamal Haasan's daughter.

The rise of a hero's daughter to the level of a star heroine is beyond words.

Shruti Haasan established herself as a heroine with her hard work and talent.

Shruti Haasan is not only an actress but also a good singer and dancer.

 Do our heroes have the talents she has?

 Despite the ups and downs in her career.. Shruti never took a step back.

 Shruti is now acting in NBK 107 with Balayya.

Shruti recently posed holding a rose in a photo shoot.

 Suddenly, she put the rose in  her mouth and chewed it.

However, Shruti did it all for fun. So, no trolling!