Shruti haasan celebrating santanu hazarika birthday

As Music Director .. Shruti Haasan has become a music director in the film industry.  Today she has handled most of the responsibilities in music for the film.  She later became a heroine.

Childhood .. Shruti Haasan has acted as a child actress in the movie Hey Ram directed by Kamal Haasan.  That's how Shruti's first steps into dance.

Entry as a heroine .. She started her career as a heroine with the Bollywood film Luck.  Her first film in Telugu was as a heroic heroine

The seal of the Iron Leg .. Everyone called Shruti Haasan the Iron Leg as she was initially unsuccessful.  She later had a string of successes from the Gabbar Singh movie.

Love .. Breakup Shruti Haasan fell in love with a theater artist named Michael.  After a good year, the two parted ways.

Away from the cine field Shruti Haasan stayed away from the film industry for a few months after the breakup.  Crack later made a re-entry with lawyer Saab's films.  Now Full is busy with Varusa movies.

Shrutiat boy friend Birthday Celebrations Shruti Haasan .. Doodle Artist Shantanu Hazarika is known to be in a relationship.  Celebrated her birthday with friends.  She also commented that she had stepped into the Dirty Thirty.

In love again .. Now Shruti Haasan is in love with doodle artist Shantanu Hazarika.  Shruti, who lives in a lively relationship with Shantanu, does not open her mouth about marriage.

Next opportunities .. Currently Shruti Haasan is starring with Prabhas in Salar .. NBK107, Chiranjeevi - Bobby as the heroine in the films.