Shilpa Shetty's pain spilled, 12 year old child said goodbye to the world

 Shilpa Shetty recently posted a video on social media.

 In which she is telling that her 12-year-old child has said goodbye to the world.

 Shilpa Shetty also appears very sad while narrating this news.

 Let us tell you that the 12-year-old child is a dog  who is no longer in this world.

 Shilpa Shetty's pet dog is no more in this world.Why is Shilpa Shetty more sad on this matter?

 Because of this, a family relationship was formed between this job and Shilpa.

 Both Shilpa's children also used to spend their time playing with this dog.

 In such a situation, this dog had become an important part of their family because it used to be with them all the time while they were sleeping.