How did Shahnaz Gill fall in the mud?

Katrina Kaif of Punjab, Shahnaz Gill have become the life of India today.

 Shehnaaz Gill wins over crores of hearts due to her naughty style.

Shehnaaz Gill does whatever she wants and likes to share it with her fans too.

 Recently, Shahnaz shared photos of him playing with clay.

 Wearing black shorts and T-shirt, Shahnaz was seen in the soil, which she also described as her 'spa time'.

Fans were very happy to see Shahnaz Gill with a cute smile on her face.

 Commenting on the photos, the fans described Shahnaz Gill as 'connected to the soil'.

 It has to be said that Shahnaz Gill may have become a big star, but his heart is still a child.