Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's most romantic moments

Shahid’s sister’s wedding

Dark and White At Shahid's sister's wedding, the couple supplemented each other in exquisite dark and white outfitsImage: Mira Kapoor Instagram

Shahid looks at his beautiful wife

Find someone who looks at you the way Shahid looks at his beautiful wife, MiraImage: Mira Kapoor Instagram Heart Eyes

Looks like Mira’s back is Shahid’s human pillow to take naps during the day!Image: Mira Kapoor Instagram Human Pillow

Couples who can act goofy together, stay together! GoofinessImage: Shahid Kapoor Instagram

The adorable couple pose for a portrait as Mira holds onto her husband and lays her head on his shoulderCouple PortraitImage: Mira Kapoor Instagram

The couple are also trekking buddies as they take a walk in the lovely woods Trekking Buddies Image: Mira Kapoor Instagram

Mira plants a kiss of love on her husband’s neck as the latter takes a selfie Kiss Of Love Image: Shahid Kapoor Instagram

Shahid is Mira’s cuddle partner for life and the latter loves to relax in his embrace Cuddle PartnerImage: Mira Kapoor Instagram

Shahid kisses the love of his life as Mira takes a mirror selfie and captures the momentImage: Mira Kapoor Instagram Mirror Selfie

Mira and Shahid flaunt their bare ‘We woke up like this’ faces on a sunny morning Morning SelfieImage: Shahid Kapoor Instagram