Sara Ali Khan is holidaying in Turkey

 Actress Sara Ali Khan is very fond of traveling. Whenever she gets a chance, she goes on vacation.

 Sara is currently in Turkey and enjoying her vacation with friends.

Sara has shared pictures of vacation with her friends.

 Sarah also reached the Bosphorus Strait, Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, Sulaimanye Cami and Blue Mosque.

In this trip, Sara is seen roaming around the historical famous places of Turkey..

 Sara often goes out for a walk with her friends, brother or mother.

 Recently, photos of Sara, who went on Kashmir vacation, went viral.

she also did trekking in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.

 In the video, Sara wins the hearts of the audience with her different style.

Apart from traveling, Sara is also very fond of food and drink. Wherever she goes, she tries new things.