Ronaldo's girlfriend is very hot

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's greatest football players.Ronaldo has many achievements to his name.

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Ronaldo is counted among the richest and famous players in the world He also stays in limelight for his personal life.

personal life

Ronaldo is once again in the headlines for his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez


According to a media report, Ronaldo gives Georgina about 80-90 lakh rupees for expenses every month.But the British media has described this money as 'salary'.


Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina is very beautiful and hot.Today we will tell you about Georgina.


Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina is a model by profession and has advertised for many big channels till now.


Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina has a strong fan following on social media.She also keeps sharing a lot of pictures for the fans.

fan following

Georgina has 36.6 million followers on Instagram at the time of writing this news.Lakhs of people comment on each of his posts.


Ronaldo and Georgina have been with each other since 2017.Georgina used to work in the store at one time but after the arrival of Ronaldo, her life changed completely.

together since 2017

According to reports, Georgina is living a luxury life with Ronaldo.She lives in a luxurious palace worth 50 crores.

luxury life

Cristiano Ronaldo has not married any girl till now.But he has many children from different girlfriends.