The actress said the getting an allergy test can really help your skin as you can figure out what suits your body.

Get an allergy test

Rashmika also said that to achieve your skincare goals, you should drink plenty of water as it helps clear pimples and acne.

Eat clean

The actress recommends moisturising your face, neck regions and eyes in a gentle manner. It activates the skin muscles and also manages and relaxes the tension.

Apply Moisturizer

In order to avoid any skin breakage or any redness on your skin and even tanning, you should always make sure that you are wearing sunscreen when stepping out of the house.

Never go out without sunscreen

Using a Vitamin C based serum can really help you get that celeb-like glow.

Use Serum

As a part of your beauty routine, exfoliate your skin with a good scrub.

Exfoliate your skin

she says that instead of washing every now and then, you should wash it only twice a day with a product that is not too harsh.

Face wash twice in a day