Rashmika has rejected many films in her five year career as a heroine.

got a chance in remake 'Kirik Party' in Hindi.has a heroine she says no.


earlier thought Rashmi to be the heroine in the Hindi remake of 'Jersey'.she says no

In the movie 'Acharya' Charan thought of Rashmi opposite.But for some reason she said no.

Rashmi was supposed to play the heroine in the movie 'Master' but she did not agree

Rashmi was earlier thought to be the heroine in 'Beast'.But she could not.

She rejected Nani opposite Rashmi in 'Ante Sundaraniki'.

If Rashmika says no to the 'Bangarraju' project, Krithishetti has a chance.

In 'RC15' also wanted to take Rashmi first.But could not be set.

When Rashmi was approached for her role as Aditi in 'Mahasamudram', she said no.