Rashmika trolled for wearing short dre

There are millions of fans of South's top actress Rashmika Mandanna's cuteness and beauty.

 Recently Rashmika was spotted during an award show in Mumbai.

 Rashmika looked stunning in a Thai high red crimson dress.

 Due to the short length and deep neckline of the dress, Rashmika also had to suffer an oops moment.

 Rashmika also posed for photos with the paparazzi. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

 In the video, Rashmika looks a little upset with this dress and is pulling it down again and again.

 Due to this Rashmika has also had to be trolled on social media.

 One user wrote, 'What is the use of wearing such a dress in which you are not comfortable at all.'

Another user wrote, 'What kind of fashion is this? How do you wear such a dress in which you cannot even walk properly.

One wrote, 'Why wear such clothes in which there is a need to hide the body?'