South actress Rashmika Mandanna makes a lot of headlines for her performance and beauty.

Rashmika's fans have the tag of national crush. The popularity of Rashmika is increasing day by day.

 Rashmika beats every actress in terms of fitness. So let's know what is Rashmika Mandanna's fitness and diet secret.

 Rashmika does workouts about 4 times a week. Rashmika does skipping, dancing, swimming, kickboxing, fast walking and power yoga in workouts.

 Rashmika believes that exercising not only keeps your weight under control but also makes your skin look healthy.

 Rashmika regularly follows a diet plan to stay fit and healthy. She drinks a liter of water first thing in the morning and then consumes apple cider vinegar.

The actress does not like to eat rice in her diet much. His dinner diet includes Sweet Potato, Cinnamon, Vegetable Super, Raw Fruit.

To keep the skin and hair healthy, Rashmika does the proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin every night.