mini' Aadhar card, fit in every pocket

 In today's era, Aadhaar card is used the most as a proof.

You can make strong and water proof Aadhar card like debit-credit card sitting at home.

 UIDAI itself is now issuing PVC Aadhar card. There is a facility to reach home for 50 rupees.

You can order by going to 'My Aadhaar Section' on the UIDAI website (

 Go to 'My Aadhaar Section' and click on 'Order Aadhaar PVC Card'.

 In the end, Rs 50 will have to be paid. Including the cost of the card to postage.

 PVC Aadhar card will reach home in 15 days through speed post.

 The most important thing is that this PVC Aadhar card will not spoil even in the rain.

 The printing and lamination quality of PVC Aadhar card is excellent. It is also equipped with hi-tech security features.

 It gets a hologram, Guilloche pattern, Ghost Image and microtext features.