Puja Hegde  looks like baby doll in mini skirt

Pooja Hegde is currently in full craze in Tollywood. Acting opposite star heroes consecutively.

 Currently, Pooja Hegde is getting a series of hits. But recently, it seems that they have been put on the brakes.

 Films like Pooja Hegde's Acharya and Beast turned out to be disasters at the box office. Beast looked okay in Kollywood but remained a flop in Telugu.

 Bollywood people are also waiting for Pooja Hegde. Pooja Hegde is acting in Salman Khan's new film.

 Pooja Hegde beauty shoot is not ordinary. Her photo shoots are mostly viral on the net.

 Pooja Hegde's ruckus in a bikini is anything but ordinary. Netizens are waiting for Pooja's bikini beauty.

Everyone knows how Pooja Hegde's Halamiti Habibo reel video went viral across the country.

 Looks like Pooja Hegde is currently on vacation. Seeing the flavors there makes everyone happy.

Looks like Pooja Hegde is currently in Bangkok. Everyone enjoyed the tasty food there. Pooja Hegde rocked in mini skirt