Is it profitable to be single? loss?

 Many girls and boys now prefer being single. Is it beneficial to be single without relationships? loss? Now let's find out.

Being single, apart from being in a relationship, has its pros and cons.

 Being single is the best option for those who want to remain independent throughout life without anyone's help.

Everyone needs emotional support in life. But remaining single for the rest of your life makes it difficult to find this support.

 Being single can be emotionally strong. Also there is no need to exchange opinions and preferences for anyone.

Being single means no phone calls, no chatting. So more time is available. It can be used more productively.

 People who like traveling a lot can travel anywhere solo as they are single. Difficulties are less.

 Being single gives you the opportunity to meet and talk with the right number of friends. The network grows.

 If you are afraid of getting married, or if you are unable to meet with four people, staying single is of no use. If such people find it difficult, it is better to enter into a relationship immediately.