varieties of tea

Lal Chai  This tea made without milk and sugar is very popular in North India

 Pudina Chai This tea is very famous in Nathwara, Rajasthan. Here mint is called pudina. Hence the name

 Butter tea  This tea made with butter and salt is very famous in Ladakh. Buddhist gurus like to drink this tea in the morning

Kashmiri Kahwa  This tea made with dry fruits and some spices is very special in Kashmir

Saffron spice tea  Drinking this orange-red tea will not only relieve stress but also reduce weight.

Noon Chai Paradise on EarthThis pink tea is made with milk, salt and baking soda

Tandoori Chai This earthenware tea is very famous all over the country

Meter tea  This tea, which is like filtered coffee, is very famous in South India

Suleimani Choi  This super tea is ready if you boil all kinds of spices until they turn a nice golden color