Such actress wears braless dress

The actresses must have been seen many times flaunting a braless dress. But know the trick to carry such dresses?

Seeing celebs in backless gowns and plunging necklines, one would have liked to wear such dresses.

It is important to know the trick of how actresses wear these dresses without the risk of wardrobe malfunction.

Silicone pasties are the best option. Sticky silicone covers cover the nipple area.

Duct tape was made popular by Kim Kardashian. Just have to bear the pain while removing it.

Medical tape can be used. It holds sweat well. Doesn't move from its place.

Backless outfits can be easily worn with self adhesive bras. It just doesn't give good support.

Plunge front with back extender is the best option when you need support without wearing a bra.