Acharya pre-release event .. Pooja Hegde journey in a hurry

Pooja Hegde is currently making a fuss regardless of whether she is here or there. Pooja Hegde is dusting off in all industries.

Pooja Hegde is currently emerging as the top heroine of Tollywood. Pooja Hegde starred with all the top stars.

Pooja Hegde also stepped into Sontint. Pooja, who earned well with a series of opportunities, built a luxury house in Mumbai.

Pooja Hegde beautie viral on social media. 

Pooja Hegde's Kollywood entry was also grand. Pooja Hegde brought a good craze there with the movie Dalapati Vijay Beast.

Pooja Hegde bikini beautieare mostly a hot topic. Photos shared by Pooja during a vacation in the Maldives were circulating among the tribe.

Pooja Hegde is currently going to greet the audience with Acharya movie. The movie pre-release event is taking place today (April 23) in Hyderabad.

Pooja Hegde says a different film shooting pack for the Acharya pre-release event. Caught the flight in a hurry and climbed too high

Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, Kajal Combination Acharya Cinema Pre-Release Event is taking place today (April 23) in Hyderabad. Pooja Hegde had to leave in a hurry for the event.