Palak Tiwari is very popular for her music videos before the release of her debut film.

Palak Shweta Tiwari's first marriage is the child of Raja Chaudhary, after which the mother married Abhinav Kohli for the second time.

In an interview, Palak Tiwari said some things about his second father Abhinav Kohli without naming him.

 In an interview to RJ Siddhartha Kannan, Palak said that I want to make myself capable enough to meet the needs of the family.

'My mother Shweta takes care of the whole family alone and I want to relieve her of this responsibility as soon as possible.'

Palak said – Today no person in the family is able to earn that much money that she tells my mother that you do not need to do extra work now.

 Palak Tiwari also said, 'I want to bear the cost of my brother's education myself and take care of him for the rest of my life.'

She said- I want to be able to afford my maternal grandparents' medical bills and my mother's expenses.