These 8 hairstyles of Nora Fatehi are summer perfect

 Nora's top knot hairstyle and messy bangs are perfect for summer.

 This hairstyle is ideal for a clean look. This braid by Nora starts from her head crown and its length is making it attractive.

 This side parted sleek pony is best for a chic and neat look.

Nora Fatehi is looking very beautiful in this hairstyle which originated from Fairytales.

 In summer, when your hair is a little oily, then this hairstyle will look perfect.

 Just like Nora, your casual look will be perfect in this messy and wavy pony.

 Starting from the top of the head, this ponytail is very beautiful. Mermaid waves will look perfect in the rest of the open hair.

You too will look classy and bold in this bold and neat sleek high ponytail.