Nia Sharma does this work for fitness.

Nia Sharma has worked in many TV serials and shows. The actress is still active in the TV industry. Fans love to see her on screen.

Her slim and maintained figure inspires everyone.

Commenting on Nia Sharma's photo, people often ask her fitness secret. So let us tell you the secret of her slim figure today.

Nia Sharma does not drink tea-coffee but starts the day with black coffee. This detoxifies the body.

 Nia eats vegetable omelet for breakfast. Nia takes more protein in food and eats dinner at 7-8 pm.

 Nia likes to eat chocolate, fast food but she stays away from all these. Eating junk food makes you gain weight fast.

 Nia Sharma drinks water to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. Along with this, the actress drinks a glass of milk to stay fit.

Nia Sharma loves to dance and she also uses it for fitness. The actress often does pole dance and keeps herself fit with it.

 Nia Sharma does not do gym regularly but she jogs daily. Apart from this, the actress does some exercises daily at home.