Right way to apply Multani Mitti

The magnesium chloride present in multani mitti helps in removing acne.  Multani mitti increases blood circulation and removes dead skin.

Applying multani mitti gets rid of acne, pigmentation, oily skin.  Apart from this, applying it cools the face and brings glow on the skin.

By the way, people of any skin type can apply multani mitti.  But for oily skin, multani mitti is more beneficial

If your skin is dry then you should apply multani mitti mixed with rose water.  This ends skin dryness and dullness.

Multani mitti has cooling effect, it removes the problem of pimples in the skin.  Apart from this, it also protects against sun.

Multani mitti has oil absorbing properties, by applying it you will get rid of dark spots and redness

Multani mitti is also very beneficial for hair.  This gives shine and strength to the hair.  This will also give relief from the problem of dandruff.

Mix rose water in multani mitti and apply it on the face for half an hour.  When the face pack dries completely then wash the face with cold water.

To apply multani mitti on the hair, mix lemon juice in the soil and apply it for an hour.  Then wash the hair with shampoo

Skin and hair problems start happening in the summer season.  In such a situation, you can apply Multani Mitti face pack