Mukesh Ambani's daughter Isha Ambani, one of the world's richest people, does not need any identity.

Isha is one of the youngest billionaire heiress in the world, being the only daughter of billionaire Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani.

When it comes to Isha Ambani's habits, Isha is different from others. There are some such habits in Isha which are not common in common people.

 One of Isha's habits is to check and arrange her wardrobes frequently, which includes dressing her for special occasions.

Isha Ambani's jewelery collection is no less than any celebrity. This collection of her can be seen in any party when she is seen in different designs and different types of jewelry.

She does not always carry expensive necklaces, earrings or just expensive jewelery but prefers to wear beautiful looking jewellery.

 As far as her choice is concerned, she likes to wear diamonds and emeralds. Especially when these gems are studded with gold, they like them more.

 Even though Isha is busy with her lifestyle and one of the busy business women, she always takes part in charitable events.

Usually girls are inspired by their mother but Isha is very close to her father and has publicly stated that she considers him her best role model as her father i.e. Mukesh Ambani.

Moreover, she credits her father for giving her complete confidence and motivation to become a successful businessman.