Take care of mixer grinder like this, it will not spoil

 Having a mixer grinder in the kitchen makes cooking easy by grinding spices.

 If the mixer is not taken care of properly then it gets spoiled.

Timely service of mixer is very important.

 Today we are telling you some ways to take care of Miskar so that your machine will always perform well.

 After every use, clean the mixer grinder thoroughly, then turn it upside down and keep it dry.

 Instead of running the mixer at full speed as soon as you turn it on, bring it from low to medium and then to full speed. This will not put pressure on the motor at all.

 Always keep the mixer grinder dry or else the blade may get rusted.

 Never grind very hot things in the mixer. This can damage the mixer quickly.

 Never fill the mixer full. This can cause overflow as well as affect the motor.