Drape like this on the lehenga, you will get the perfect look

 Make a plate of heavy dupatta and pin it on both the shoulders. Due to this the scarf will not fall again and again.

 If you are carrying a net dupatta, then fold the plates in equal size and pin up.

 If you want to look slim and your dupatta is heavy then you should make thin plates of dupatta.

 Wear a matching belt to keep the lehenga and dupatta stable. It looks very stylish in appearance.

 In Front Flow Style Dupatta Draping Pin up the dupatta with the bangle on your wrist. This will not fray the scarf.

 If you are wearing a bralette blouse with a lehenga, then you can carry the dupatta like a shawl.

 Just as you take a straight pallu in a sari, in the same way you can drape the dupatta in a lehenga in a straight pallu style.

 Put the dupatta on the shoulder from the back and pin it. Take care that the scarf does not touch the ground.