Note these hacks to make soft Gulab Jamun.

Gulab Jamun

 Many people like to eat Gulab Jamun in sweet dish.

   Sweet Dish

Today we are telling you some important tips to make soft Gulab Jamun at home. Let's know the method.


Required Ingredients – Instant Gulab Jamun Mix Powder – 1 Packet Flour – 20 to 30 grams, 500 grams sugar syrup, 200 grams ghee


Now mix flour and baking soda in mawa and knead soft dough. Remember the dough should not be too hard.


 Now make small balls from the mixture of mawa and flour. Make these balls with light hands.


Now put a wok on the gas and heat ghee in it. Put gulab jamuns in ghee on low flame and fry till golden brown.


Do not heat Gulab Jamun on high flame.


Now prepare sugar syrup and soak gulab jamuns well in it. Serve after a while.