Kriti Shetty cute steps on the song 'Bullet'

Kriti Shetty was born and raised in Mumbai but speaks English, Hindi and Telugu. Learning Kannada and Tamil languages.

Kriti Shetty hails from the Tulu family in Karnataka and was born and raised in Mumbai. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a fashion designer.

 Kriti Shetty shines in a small role in Bollywood's Super 30 starring Hrithik Roshan.

 Kriti Shetty has made an entry as a heroine in the movie 'Uppena' starring Vaishnav Tej as the hero under the direction of Sukumar's disciple Buchibabu Sana.

 Bebamma's role in the movie Uppena is well known. As the film became a blockbuster, sales opportunities were queuing up.

Shyam Singrai, who later starred as the heroine in Kriti Shetty, became a super hit with the Bangaraju films and the craze for this  beauty increased.

 Recently, the heroine's work Cute Steps entertained with the song 'Bullet' sung by Shimbu from the movie 'The Warrior' starring Ram as the hero. That dancing video is now going viral.

Kriti Shetty will play the role of Surya Hero in the upcoming film directed by Bala. This is her first film.

Kriti Shetty is playing the heroine in the movie The Warrior, Macharla constituency.