KGF turned down the offer of this big advertisement

The advertisement of Akshay Kumar's Pan Masala brand remains in constant discussion. Akshay was trolled by the people, after which the actor apologized.

Now the Pan Masala brand has approached South Superstar Yash for the advertisement. But keeping in mind the feelings of the people, Ed refused to do it.

The agency managing the advertisement said, 'Pan masala and such products have a very harmful effect on the health of the people.

 Keeping in mind the interests of his fans and followers, Yash has declined a deal which was personally very lucrative.

The agency said- "Looking at Yash's pan-India appeal, we want to use this opportunity to send the right kind of message to his fans."

The agency further said- We want to devote our time to those brands who have a conscience and are like-minded.

imagesource:yash instagram

 Akshay recently promoted Vimal's cardamom products with Ajay and Shah Rukh, after which the actor was trolled on social media.