Janhvi was very scared on that date

Even though Janhvi Kapoor still calls herself single, but sometimes her name is associated with Akshat Ranjan and sometimes with someone else.

 Janhvi Kapoor had told in an interview that she went on a date when she was studying in Los Angeles.

 On that date such an incident happened that Janhvi's senses were blown away. According to Janhvi, that date was very bad.

 Janhvi had said, 'I do not date nor do I go on dates. The last time I went on a date was when I was studying in LA.

Janhvi said that it was a very scary experience. He had gone very wrong. The boy had placed a wrong demand from Janhvi.

 Janhvi had told in another interview that if she likes someone, she will definitely give a hint, but will not start herself first.

 Janhvi had said, 'It is fun to blink a little like this, to be a joke.' Janhvi said this in Kareena's show.

 Janhvi's name has been associated with Rohan Jora to Akshat Ranjan. His name was also associated with Karthik Aryan.

Janhvi will now be seen in the film 'Bawal', which will release in 2023.