Janhvi was seen relaxing in the beautiful Places

 Janhvi Kapoor is busy shooting for her upcoming film Bawal these days.

 Most of the shooting of the film has been done in Europe. Along with shooting, Janhvi did not leave any chance to roam here.

 Janhvi, who is relaxing amidst the beautiful places  has shared some of her photos on social media.

Janhvi is wearing a matching form-fitting tank top with brown flared joggers.

 On this trip, Janhvi also climbed the mountains with her team.

Janhvi, smiling amidst the lush green valleys, is looking very cute here.

Janhvi has captured the best views of the lake and the mountains in her camera.

 He has shared this beautiful photo of the setting sun with the fans in the evening.

 Along with her team, Janhvi also did many adventures in the dense forests.

Janhvi, spending time in the midst of nature in a white short dress, looks very fresh here.